ClickTipp - World Cup Edition Company-based predictor game

Interactive Media Clicktipp is a betting game for agencies and companies from the media industry and has been put on-line in the middle of 2005 already. This is a specially programmed World Cup edition, and for the new Bundesliga season, the game has been again completely redesigned.

The betting community of an agency or company is founded by a player. Via e-mail invitation or by passing on a password, colleagues can be invited to the betting community now. The company logo can be uploaded and appears in the ranking. Every employee in a betting community bets on matches of the individual match days and once hands in an individual “championship bet”. The bets are evaluated every day. A single ranking offers the possibility to compare one‘s own achievements to other players‘ success.

The players can pursue their success within the betting community in a company ranking of their own. All participating companies compete for the best rankings and for attractive prizes in a corporate ranking.


Predictor games
May 2006 - Jul 2006
Interactive Media
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