Le Maillon Faible Deluxe Deluxe version of the TV show quiz

Similarly to the television show, questions are posed to the players. All players in a show get the questions at the same time.

Technically, this is realized by an Java applet that establishes a permanent on-line connection to the game server.

The players enter the answer to the questions posed within a certain time interval in a free text field and click the “OK” button afterwards. The answer is then sent to the server.

Finally, the answer is evaluated as correct or as wrong, and the evaluation is indicated to the player. For each correct answer, the player climbs another stage on the winning ladder, while a wrong answer means that the player begins again on the first stage of the ladder. His current position on the ladder is indicated to the player by a graphic element.


Quiz Games
Jan 2003
Project link
  • http://premium.tf1.fr/premium/lmfpre/