Panini Adrenalyn XL™ Ligue 1 2016 Mobile App Official mobile trading card game

Mobile version of the exciting online version of a real classic: the card trading game. Users dispose of a stack of cards by which they can compete with other users. They set up a football team with special values on every position.

After registration the user gets 14 initial cards. These cards will be picked by a special algorithm: His team contains 1 goalie, 4 attackers, 5 midfielders and 4 defenders in a basic line-up (3-4-3) with the best possible players from his initial squad.

Once the user has positioned his player card in his desired lineup, you can start the actual game. Start a quick match via the new fast matchmaking mode that ensures a challenging opponent within your skill range, or challenge one of you friends directly.

Additionally you can participate in exciting tournaments against hundrets of other players.

Starting from the locker room, the user can now challenge other users’ teams and win cards from them. By picking a card from the own team which is invisible to the other user a challenge can be posed. The other user then decides which card will compete. The winner of the round can decide with which card to continue.



Adrenalyn XL
Aug 2016