Panini Adrenalyn XL™ Spain 2014 Official trading card of the Liga BBVA

New issue of the highly successful Adrenalyn online game by Neopoly for Panini. Users dispose of a stack of cards by which they can compete with other users. They set up a football team with special values on every position.

After registration the user gets 14 initial cards. These cards will be picked by a special algorithm: His team contains 1 goalie, 4 attackers, 5 midfielders and 4 defenders in a basic line-up (3-4-3) with the best possible players from his initial squad.

Starting from the locker room, the user can now challenge other users’ teams and win cards from them. By picking a card from the own team which is invisible to the other user a challenge can be posed. The other user then decides which card will compete. The winner of the round can decide with which card to continue.


Adrenalyn XL
Apr 2014 - Jul 2014
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