smart X-MAS RACE Racing Game Advent calendar

Neopoly developed an innovative Racing Game Advent calendar for Bauer Media Group’s online portal
The smart X-MAS RACE is a Flash racing game in which the player is entitled to set up a new minimum time with a smart Brabus on 24 different race tracks.

A new race track is hidden behind every one of the 24 wickets of the Advent calendar and thereby motivates the players to accept the challenge every day anew. As a viral instrument for the game’s circulation users can challenge their friends via e-mail to beat their own minimum time; they receive a notification as soon as the challenge has been accepted.
After the race the players get the chance to save their name to the ranking and to win attractive prizes every day.
The game’s main sponsors are smart and Bridgestone.

Keywords: Advent calendar, Raffle game, In-game Advertising, Racing game, Viral Marketing


Arcade Games
Dec 2009 - Dec 2009
Bauer Media Group
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