A prediction game designed for all kinds of sports and other tournaments and season-based games and events. The users predict the outcome for each match of the tournament/season

  • Predictions gain different points according to their odds
  • Users can organize in multiple leagues
  • A group of experts and VIPs display their own predictions in public

User Leagues

Users can create leagues or join leagues. Each league has an internal ranking.

  • Private leagues

    The users can create private leagues by protecting it by a password. Users who want to join the league will have to enter the password to join. Private leagues have a message board visible to members only

    Invite your friends via email or social media!

  • Public Leagues

    All users can join public leagues

Feed import

All matches and results can be entered via an intuitive backend or imported automatically from a data feed. We've already connected to the leading feed providers and many custom client feeds.